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    Welcome to the Ozark Pinball Syndicate. This group was created to bring together pinball fans in Southwestern Missouri and Northwestern Arkansas. We run a few IFPA-sanctioned tournaments in the area as well as provide a way for area enthusiasts to contact each other.


    The Winners of the Star Trek Launch Party!
    From left to right: Toad (3rd place), John Dozier (2nd place), Jason Wilson (WINNER!

    Star Trek Lauch Party

    Tournament Results - 8/3/2013

    Winner = Steve Walker

    2nd Place = Dayvv Brooks
    3rd Place = Maka Honig

    4th Place = Ace Akers

    5th Place (Tie)
    Andrew Hrdlicka
    Lonnie McDonald
    Eugene Marsh
    Dan Laudel

    9th Place (Tie)
    Grant Karlin
    Dennis Elldridge
    Carol Walker
    Addison Cooper
    David Rice
    Jordan Price
    Brian Benway
    Joe Guido

    17 - Kyle Randolph
    18 - Brandon Pennington
    19 - Jared Price
    20 - John Dozier
    21 - Jackie Brooks 
    22 (tie) - Aaron Pennington
    23 (tie) - Chris Anderson
    24 - Peter Martin
    25 - Brady Choat
    26 - Melissa Burns
    27 - Sarah Baggett
    28 - Megan Susman
    29 - Justin Maples
    30 - Robin McDonald
    31 - Russ Burns
    32 - Lauren Brooks
    33 - Brian Rekus
    34 - Katie Brooks
    35 - Jonathan Hunt
    36 - David Russell
    37 - Drew Maples
    38 - Kenny Mackie
    39 - Ron Pennington

    Big 80's Weekend Qualifying Results
    Individual Machines: Click here

    Friday Night Mini-Tourneys
    One-handed Play - WINNER =  Brady
    "Tommy" (lower half of playfield blocked) - WINNER = Skyler

    CONGRATULATIONS to our March 3, 2013


    John Miller from St. Louis and Jason Durham from 1984 Arcade flashing their winnings!

    News Coverage: KOLR10 - Link

    Event Pictures: Here

    Full results

     1st Place: John Miller - $90 prize
    2nd Place: Jason Durham - $20 prize
    3rd Place: Jeff Hoover - $10 prize
    4th place: Nick Greenup
    5th place tie: Dennis Eldridge
    5th place tie: Lincoln Whisler
    7th place tie: Artie Scholes
    7th place tie: Paul Mulik
    9th place tie: Brian Benway
    9th place tie: Taurean Wilhold
    9th place tie: Matthew Skinner
    9th place tie: David Daniels
    13th place tie: Devin Durham
    13th place tie: Betsy Skinner
    13th place tie: Eugene Marsh
    13th Place tie: Derek Lowrance
    17th place tie: Jed Ratliff
    17th place tie: Justin Maples
    17th place tie: John Peebles
    17th place tie: Nick Maples

    17th place tie: Dayvv Brooks
    17th place tie: Richard Hammond
    17th place tie: Thomas Parton
    17th place tie: JR Reel

    Filled bracket: Link

    Pinball Tournament March 3


    We're back from the PAPA World Pinball Championships in Pittsburgh, August 2012!

    It was fantastic! Want to see the PAPA facility? Click here for a video walkthrough.


    CONGRATULATIONS to our July 15, 2012
     JR REEL!

    News Coverage:

    KY3: Link


    Event Pictures: Here

    Full results of the very first OPS tournament at 1984 Arcade in Springfield, MO
    July 15, 2012

     1st Place: JR Reel - $70 prize
    2nd Place: Eugene Marsh - $25 prize
    3rd Place: Dayvv Brooks - $15 prize
    4th place: Phil Cridlebaugh
    5th place tie: Adam Letterman
    5th place tie: Richard Hammond
    7th place tie: Lincoln Whisler
    7th place tie: Autumn Landers
    9th place tie: David Rice
    9th place tie: Bobby Legan
    9th place tie: Devin Durham
    9th place tie: Scott Heffern
    13th place tie: Lisa Landers
    13th place tie: Justin Kingery
    13th place tie: Mark Steiner
    13th place tie: Austin Landers
    17th place tie: Josh Bryngelson
    17th place tie: Greg Landers
    17th place tie: Allyson Landers
    17th place tie: Jason Durham
    17th place tie: Luke Steiner
    17th place tie: Brian Kist

    Filled bracket: Link