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Where to Play in the Ozarks

1984 Arcade
There’s only one great place to play pinball in the Ozarks, and that is the phenomenal 1984 Arcade in downtown Springfield. $5 gets you in the door and unlimited play on over 50 classic arcade video games. Pinball is 25 cents a play and they usually have 5-7 machines on the floor. Want a gathering that will be remembered? The venue can be booked for private parties.

Pinside Map
There are a few other locations that have a machine, and you’ll find them on this map. None of them are even remotely comparable to 1984, though.

Need Pinball Parts?

Pinball Life
Terry from Pinball Life is well respected in the pinball community. Lots of great parts available here, with excellent communication and service. Probably the best source for premium ultra-gloss pinballs. Do you have a PinGulp beverage holder on your machine? No? This is where you get them.

Cliffy’s Premium Pinball Protectors
Of all the things you can add to your machine, Cliffy’s precision-crafted protectors are necessary if you want to keep your game looking its best. Cliffy’s protectors are available at many other online stores, too, but on his site, you’ll get to see pictures of his motorcycle.

Pinbits specializes in game protection and mods. Want to protect your impossible-to-replace plastics against airballs? They have custom-designed sets for many machines. Lots of other cool stuff, too!

Pinball Pal
In addition to stencils for repainting cabinets and replacement 8-track tapes for 60s/70s gun and racing games (wow…some games had 8-track tapes in them?), Pinball Pal carries something that you need to order for your game right now: Stealth Protectors. These great vinyl protectors go around your flipper buttons/start buttons to protect your cabinet from inevitable wear (order the ones without the precut hole for a perfect fit). They also carry playfield protectors which you can place on high-traffic areas of your playfield—like mylar, but without the playfield damage when removed. Highly recommended.

The Pinball Resource
In business since 1977, The Pinball Resource is run by Steve Young. If you ever need a part, but don’t know what it’s called, or don’t know the part number, call Steve. They do business the old-fashioned way: no internet orders or credit card payment. Call them, and they’ll ship your first order with an invoice, then you send them a check. A true rarity.

Marco Specialties
A deep selection of parts—with pictures of just about everything.

Bay Area Amusements
Man these guys have a lot of parts!

Want to Buy a Machine?

Game Exchange of Colorado
Huge inventory in their giant warehouse (including many, many machines not listed on their site) and excellent service.
Call JJ at 303-962-4666 and tell him you’re a member of the Ozark Pinball Syndicate to get preferred pricing. New or old, let him know what you’re looking for, and he will find it, as well as make arrangements to get it shipped to you!

Tilt Amusements
Pinball for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts! Run by Trent Augustine, currently one of the Top 10 pinball players in the world as ranked by the IFPA. As an avid player, Trent knows more about modern machines than just about anyone in the United States. An excellent source for brand new machines shipped to your door.

Mr. Pinball Classifieds

Pinside Marketplace

Pinball Manufacturers

Jersey Jack Pinball
A team of legendary designers and programmers assembled by industry-veteran Jack Guarnieri. Makers of the Wizard of Oz pinball machine.

Stern Pinball
Throughout the 2000’s, this was the only pinball manufacturer remaining in the world.  And they keep producing new machines at the rate of 2 or 3 per year.

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